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One day, after his friends ditched him yet again to go off with their girlfriends he made a decision. He was not going to let himself be the loser virgin anymore. He went online and searched for available escorts. It was crazy the number of results that came up and he was overwhelmed by the choices. He eventually found a Charlotte London escorts profile of a teen girl who was without a doubt the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He sent a text to the phone number listed and booked her for an hour later that evening.

Right on time, he heard a knock on his door. In front of him stood this incredible girl with a perfect body and breath-taking smile. He stammered an introduction and invited her inside. She asked him if he was nervous and he explained that it was his first time. Her eyes immediately softened as she told him she understood and that they could take it slowly and at a pace that suited him.

Within minutes they had discarded their clothes and Bobby had completely forgotten how nervous he was. She guided him with expert precision, making him feel at ease with every stroke, kiss, and touch. Climaxing inside of her was an experience Bobby would never forget for as long as he lived. Bobby decided that maybe escorts were the right thing for him at the moment. He decided that he would continue to hire escorts to fulfill his sexual desires until he felt comfortable enough to ask a girl out on a date. However, he doubted that anyone would ever top the amazing escort that took his virginity.…