Are you addicted to wedding and parties?

When I left Solihull escorts, I did not know what I wanted to do at first. One thing I did know was that I was addicted to arranging parties, decorating for parties and weddings. It had all started when one of the girls at Solihull escorts of did not want an evening party for her birthday. Instead she wanted to have a tea party. Sure, there are venues around which can help you with that but many of them are very expensive, and it can cost you a small fortune to through the simplest party.


I had this nice space in my own home that I could use, and a gay friend of mine who I had known since forever, loved to play the guitar. Instead of booking one of the major venues, I suggested to my friend at Solihull escorts that we have her party at my place. It was the start of something, and when I eventually left the escort agency in Solihull, becoming a party organiser was one of my options. It seemed crazy but in the end, it did work out very well. Before I knew it, I was organising all sorts of parties.


As I did not have a lot of experience, I did not take on big parties. However, with the help of one of the other girls at Solihull escorts, I soon found myself decorating major wedding venues bringing my own personal touch to the events. Weddings and parties have become such expensive affairs these days that most people would like to save at least some money on them. I came up with a couple of days that would allow me to keep the materials used, and reuse them for the next venue.


Not only are weddings bug business in London, but birthday parties are popular as well. More people than ever before are not holding parties in their own homes any more. They either hire a venue, or use somebody else’s space. As I had a nice space in my own home, I started to use that a lot, and to my surprise, it became so popular that I ended up having a couple of parties every week. I could not believe that I had gone from Solihull escorts to a major party organiser in a couple of months.


Yes, it was paying off and I was certainly make a fair amount of money from running my own little business. Did I want to it to become any bigger? At first I had thought that I wanted my business to grow and grow, but then I realised that keeping it small and personal was how I made my money. People were tired of bug businesses and wanted something small, personal and intimate. It was a bit like Solihull escorts service. That was, and still is, a small personal escort agency among all of the giants in London, and I think that is what has made it so popular. A little bit like my own personal business.


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